Editor in Chief: Prof. Govind R. Kadambi, PVC-Research

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Vol 05, Issue 1, April 2006

Sl. No. Contents
1 Post Staff Behaviour of an Axial Flow Compressor Stage
Q.H. Nagpurwala, S.A.Guruprasad
2 Scanning Probe of Nanolithography
S.L. Pinjare
3 Design Analysis and FPGA Implementation of Multilayered Neural Network Architecture for Compression of Multi-domain Images
Cyril Raj Prasanna
4 Coupled Field Finite Element Modeling and Analysis of Piezoelectric Devices
M.S. Vijaya
5 Realtime Software Modeling of a Railway ticket Vending Machine for Reservation
Saikumar Devulapalli, Ravindrababu Ayapillla, Shilpa C
6 Calculation of Aerodynamic Drag Forces in an Engine Test Cell
7 Study of Handling Characteristics of a Passenger car through Multibody Simulation
Mohan M.N., Shankapal S.R.
8 MPEG Transmission in HSDPA
Naveen Kumar Kara, Narayana Swamy K V
9 RF-MEMS Shunt Switch for Satellite Communication
Ashish R Gupta, S L Pinjare, M S Vijayam Ivan Saha, M S Giridhar
10 New Concept for Seats in BMTC bus to Provide comfort to Standees
Anand Kumar V K, Manas Ranjan Mishra, C G Anand
11 Design and Development of an Automatic X-Ray Film Dryer
Divyadarshan, Sumer Singh, Joseph Paul
12 Design Intervention in Living Room for the Modern Elite Class.
Lohith H S, Sumer Singh, Sushanth C S
13 Numerical Investigation on Conjugate Heat Transfer of Gas Turbine Disc Cavities
J Krishna, K N Seetharamu, D Vamsridhar
14 Prediction of Sound Transmission Loss for Power Plant Enclosures using Statistical Energy Analysis
Lakshminarayana R, Richard L Loud, Umamaheshwari, H V Lakshminarayana
15 FLEXible Closed Loop Engine SIMulation (FLEX-SIM)
Indudhar S Hiremath, Anil K B, Hareeshnarayana S
16 Automated System Testing of VoIP Sofphone GUI Application
Usha Sampath, Shilpa Choudary
17 ASIC implementation of new architecture for constant coefficient Dadda multiplier for high-speed DSP application
Chittibabu A
18 Design and Implemenatation of Parallel and Pipelined Distributive Arithmetic Based Discrete Wavelet transform IP core
Vijayakrishana Sola

Vol 05, Issue 2, September 2006

Sl. No.Contents
1 Simulation of Effect of Suspension Geometry on Rollover, Squat and Dive Behaviour of a Sports Utility Vehicle
Raghavendra Prabhu P, S R Shankapal
2 Numerical Investigation of Fluid Flow in an Automotive Torque Converter
V S Lakshmisha, S N Sridhar, Abdul Nassar
3 Bracket-Frame Topology Optimization with Genslov
T Rashmi, B V Vijay
4 Heart Rate Variabilty Using Shannon Energy
Ajith Kumar P C, T V Ananthapadmanabha
5 Design of REVA Electric Car Dashboard and Headlamp
Sanju Mathew, Sumer Singh, Samrat Nawle
6 Design of Compact Tractor
Samir Datta, Sumer Singh, Narendra Ghate

Design and CFD Investigation of Centrifugal Compressor for Turbocharger and Parametric Study on Splitter Blades
Abudul Nassar, Q H Nagpurwala, K Bramhananda Reddy

8 Numerical Investigation of Droplet Distrivution from Prefilming Airblast Atomizer
C T Poovanna, S N Sridhara
9 Train Simulator for Testing the Digital Axle Counter under Simulated Conditions of Locomotive Movement
G Srinivasa Rao, R Prakash, Mohan Rao
10 GPS Interfacing and Porting Linux Root File System for a Vehicle Tracking and Navigation System
O E Swapna, Anil K B, M Mangalakumar
11 Design and Implementation of Parallel and Pipelined Distributive Arithmetic based Discrete Wavelet Transform IP Core
Vijay Krishna Sola, Cyril Prasanna Raj P
12 Verification of Distributive Arithmetic based Discrete Wavelet Transform IP Core
Lakshmi Kiran A, Cyril Prasanna Raj P
13 Multiple Attack Localization and Identification in All-Optical Networks
K V Narayanaswamy

ISSN: 2249-5924