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Vol 08, Issue 1, April 2009

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1 Design and Analysis of Power Train of a Series Hybrid Electric Car
S. Anandhah, S. N. Sridhara
2 Influence of Hydroforming and Stamping Effects on Crashworthiness of an Automobile S-Rail
Anil Kumar R., Mr. Lalith Kumar R., S. Srikari
3 Redesign Methodology of Existing Roof Structure of an SUV to Meet Upgraded Rollover Test Regulation
Kinjal A. Pawar, V. K. Banthia, N.S. Mahesh, Sandeep N., J. Madan
4 Design, Simulation and Demonstration of a Parallel Parking Mechanism for a City Car
Varun Gopinath, S.R.Shankapal, Prakash Unakal
5 Dynamic Character Animation Based on User's Motion on Pressure Pad
Bindy S. Reddy, Harshal M. Sawant, Roland E. Haas, Archana Patil
6 Analyzing the Benefits of Lean Manufacturing in Cable Assembly Sector via Simulation
K.J.Lijo Garcia, A.C. Lokesh, Michael Loyola
7 Supply Chain Make Over: A High Mix Low Volume Wiring Harness Industry Scenario
Ajay jayaraj, Ajith Kumar, Deepak Talwar, Jogindra Babu
8 Design of a Hedge Trimmer fr Indian Market
Baneesh E, Manas R. Mishra, Sudhindra Kumar
9 Design of a Vegetable Transport Vehicle for Indian Villagers
K.R. Srigiri, Prakash V. Unakal, Manas Ranjan Mishra
10 Fretting Fatigue Analysis in Dovetail Joint of Compressor through Numerical Simulation
Malay Kumar Kheto, N.C. Mahendra Babu, J. Madan
11 Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Exit Width Trim on the Performance of a Centrifugal Compressor Impeller
M. Raghvendra, Q. H. Nagpurwala, Abdul Nassar
12 Design and Development of a Human Machine Interface for an Automotive Application
Neelam Barua, Ashok C. Meti, B.N. Shobha, Roland E. Haas
13 Design and Development of Biometric Authentication Technology for Ignition System
J. P. Vishwanath, Ashok C. Meti, B.N. Shobha
14 Performance Analysis of a Limited Authority Automatc Flight Control System
Bharath Seshadri Iyer, Arun Kumar M, Govind Kadambi
15 Design and Development of a Reconfigurable Virtual Platform for Real Time Kernel
C. Krishna Prasath, B.N. Shobha, S.G. Shivaprasad Yadav
16 Bluetooth Ad-hoc Routing Algorithm for Mobile Nodes - Challenges and Design Approach
Muralidhar Rajan, Rinki Sharma
17 Modelling, Design and Implementation of a 2.4 GHz Low-Noise CMOS VCO for ISM Band Applications
Mathew George, P. Cyril Prasanna Raj, T.J.Martin, M. Tim, Shashidhar Tantry

Vol 08, Issue 2, September 2009

Sl. No.Contents
1 Design of Streamlined Motorcycle Helmet with Enhanced Head Protection
P. Viswanadha Raju, Vinod Banthia, Abdul Nassar
2 Exterior Styling of an Intercity Transport Bus for Improved Aerodynamic Performance
Arun Raveendran, D. Rakesh, S. N. Sridhara
3 Prototype for an Interactive Traffic Simulator
Jubin Philip Thomas, Harshal Sawant, Vinod Banthia, Archana Patil
4 Overall Equipment Effectiveness Improvement by TPM and 5S Techniques in a CNC Machine Shop
Harsha G. Hegde, N. S. Mahesh, Kishan Doss
5 A Study on Brand Awareness of Shampoo Products for CavinKare Pvt. Ltd.
P. Guru Ragavendran, G. Devakumar, Santhosh Upadhyay
6 Implementation of Lean Logistics System in Material Handling Process of Break Water Construction
R. Midhun Chakravarthi, K. M. Sharath Kumar, N. Bhupesh Chowdary
7 Interior Design of Long Haul Truck Cabin for Improved Ergonomics and Comforts
Kishor Powar, Sukanta Majumdar, Prakash Unakal
8 Design of Cooking Stove for Visually Impaired
R. Ravishankar, Sudhindra Kumar, Sukanta Majumdar
9 Numerical Studies on the Effect of Slotted Casing Treatment on the Performance of a Transonic Axial Flow Compressor
A. K. Shivayogi, Q. H. Nagpurwala and M. D. Deshpande
10 Design and Development of a Handoff Management System in LTE Networks using Predictive Modelling
Kh. Playtoni Meetei, Govind R. Kadambi, B. N. Shobha, Abraham George
11 In-Vehicle Automotive Network Gateway Electronic Control Unit for Low Price Vehicle
T. S. Shamin Dudu, S. G. Shivaprasad Yadav, M. Arun Kumar, Nisha C. Rani
12 Design and Development of Embedded System for Monitoring Driver Behaviour using Lane Sensors .
P. K. Sharath, Shilpa Chaudhari, S. G. Shiva Prasad Yadav, A. J. Chandrasekhar
13 Implementation of Phase Based Optic Flow Algorithm for Obstacle Detection
Kevan N. D'Souza, Govind R. Kadambi , Saima Mohan
14 Design and FPGA Implementation of Systolic Array Architecture for Full Search Block Matching Algorithm
S. Prakash, R. Selva Kumar, Vasudeva Murthy
15 Design and Implementation of Analog Viterbi Decoder for Convolution Decoding Applications using 0.18┬Ám Technology
Priya Maheshwari, Cyril P. Raj, S. Ajay Kumar, P. Chandra Mohan

ISSN: 2249-5924