Editor in Chief: Prof. Govind R. Kadambi, PVC-Research

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Vol 11, Issue 1, May 2012

Sl. No. Contents
1 Study on Performance Characteristics of Scuderi – Split Cycle Engine
Sudeer Gowd Patil, Martin A.J., Ananthesha.
2 Underhood Flow Management of Heavy Commercial Vehicle to Improve Thermal Performance
Chetan Kulkarni., Deshpande M. D., Umesh S., Chetan Raval
3 Design and Development of Probabilistic Data Association Filters for Complete Object Refinement
Shyam Srinivasan, Gangadhar N. D.,   Hariharan Ramasangu
4 Manufacturing Lead Time Reduction of Gear Box Side Frame Using Lean Principles
Hari G., Sandeep N., Kishan Doss.
5 Design and Development of Noise Cancellation System for Android Mobile Phones
Ravikanth N., Sanket Dessai.
6 Design of Dynamic Airvents and Airflow Analysis in a Passenger Car Cabin
Varad M. Limaye, Deshpande M. D., Sivapragasam M., Vivek Kumar.
7 Numerical Evaluation of a Closed Cabin of Earthmovers for Structural Rigidity and Safety
Amandeep Singh, Vinod K. Banthia, Monish Gowda.
8 Specific Energy Consumption Reduction in a Carbide Cutting Tool Industry
Jayesh Rajan, Ajith Kumar B. S., Kadloor N. V.
9 Validation of Low Power Format using Standard Cell Library
Santosh K. Anchatgeri, Padmanaban K., Sachin Bapat.
10 Design and Development of a Biped Humanoid Robot to Generate Dynamic Walking Pattern
Shivaraj D., Cyril Prasanna Raj P., Lasitha M.
11 Numerical Analysis of Powder Compaction to Obtain High Relative Density in ‘601AB' Aluminum Powder
Ranjit Kumar Verma, Mahesh N. S. , Anwar M. I.
12 Design and Development of Cost Effective Virtex-5 General Purpose Board
Smitha Srinivas, Ugra Mohan Roy, Padmanabhan K., Anumolu Sridhar Babu
13 Development of a Tool Management System for Energy Sector Company
Varun Raj C., Sharath Kumar K. M., Daniel Beraldi Bochi.
14 Redesign of Grain Feeder, Distributor and Egg Collector System in Poultry Farm
Gali Dileep Kumar, Prakash Unakal, Supradip Das.
15 Design of Multipurpose Wheel Chair for Physically Challenged and Elder People
Mohan Kumar R., Lohit H. S., Manas Ranjan Mishra , Md. Basheer Ahamed.

Vol 11, Issue 2, September 2012

Sl. No. Contents
1 Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer in Square Duct with 45° Rib-Grooved Turbulators
Ananda Theertha K. R., Narahari H. K., Rajan N. K. S.
2 Design and Development of Haemostatic Drug Delivery System
Akhil Dharmaratnam, Preetham Shankpal, Kishore R.
3 Design and Development of Efficient Battery Charging and Cell Balancing for Battery Management System
Namith T., Ms. Preetham Shankpal
4 Failure Investigation of a Freight Locomotive Suspension Spring and Redesign of the spring for Durability and ride index
Priyanka Ghate, Dr. Shankapal S. R., Monish Gowda M. H.
5 Design and Development of an Efficient H.264 Video Encoder for CPU/GPU using OpenCL
Shaikh Mohd. Laeeq, Gangadhar N. D., Brian Gee Chacko
6 Improving Productivity in a Heat Treatment Shop for Piston Pins
Sandeep K., Ajit Kumar , Mahesh N. S.
7 Setup Time Reduction through SMED Technique in a Stamping Production Line
Arun Abraham, Ganapathi K. N., Kailash Motwani
8 Reduction of Scrap in an Electronic Assembly Line Using DMAIC Approach
Afzal Matathil, Ganapathi K. N., Kalathil Ramachandran
9 Design and Development of Stream Processor and Texture Filtering Unit for Graphics Processor Architecture IP
Krishna Bhushan Vutukuru, Sanket Dessai.
10 Design of Hood Stiffener of a Sedan Car for Pedestrian Safety
Ramesh C. K., Dr. Srikari S., Suman M. L. J.
11 Design and Development of a Pepper Plucking Equipment to Facilitate Pepper Harvesting
Rahul M., Prakash V. Unakal, Gopinath C.
12 Design of an Infant Incubator for Cost Reduction and Improved Usability for Indian Health Care Centers
Sreenath S. N., Sudhindra Kumar, Lohit H. S.
13 Public Sector Reforms in Karnataka – A Case Study of the Turnaround of Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers through Strategic Partnership
Uma H. S., Dr. Venkatesh B. S.

ISSN: 2249-5924