Editor in Chief: Prof. Govind R. Kadambi, PVC-Research

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Vol 12, Issue 1, May 2013

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1 Three-Point Bending Analyses of Short Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics: A Comparison Between Simulation and Test Results
G. Gruber, S. Wartzack.
2 Design and Development of Camera Interface Controller with Video Pre-Processing Modules on FPGA for MAVS
O. Ranganathan, Abdul Imran Rasheed
3 Study of Behavioral Pattern in Wear Applications Composite in Presence of Different Geometric Shapes
Shivaji V. Gawali, Vinod B. Tungikar
4 Simulation Studies on Horn and Schunck Optical Flow Algorithm and Focus of Expansion for Autonomous Navigation of Unmanned Vehicles
S. Santhosh Kumar, Preetham Shankpal, K. R. Prashanth, Saima Mohan, Narasimha Reddy,
Govind R. Kadambi, S. R. Shankapal.
5 Real Time Obstacle Avoidance and Navigation of a Quad-Rotor MAV using Optical Flow Algorithms
K.R.Prashanth, Preetham Shankpal, B. Nagaraja, Govind R. Kadambi, S.R. Shankapal.
6 Design and Implementation of an Intrusion Tolerant Web Server
Sheril Nagoor, K. R. Narasimha Murthy.
7 Reducing Material Cost in Fabricated Parts for Two Wheelers through Value Analysis Technique
R. Hemanth, Dr. N.S.Mahesh, M.S. Muralidharan
8 Reduction in Lead Time of Machined hot forged rails to bosch through supplier development
B. S. Karthik, B. S. Ajit Kumar
9 Development of Verification IP of LIN Controller Using Verification Methodology Manual
S. N. Rashmi , M. S. Tejaswini
10 Conceptual Design of Motor Cycle Helmet to Meet the Requirement of Tthermal Comfort, Ergonomics and Safety
S. K. Mithun, S. Umesh, Ramjan Pathan
11 Enhancement of Aerodynamic Performance of a Formula-1 Race Car using add-on Devices
B. N. Devaiah, S. Umesh
12 Design of Three Wheeler Vehicle for Physically Challenged People
B. Sathish Kumar, Vinod K. Banthia, Alok Kumar Ray
13 Development of Four Wheel Steering System for a Car
K. Lohith, Dr. S. R. Shankapal, M. H. Monish Gowda
14 Design of Learning aids for Children with Down Syndrome
T. Sooraj, H. S. Lohit, Vignesh Ravichandran

Vol 12, Issue 2, September 2013

Sl. No. Contents
1 Development of Forging Process for Synchronized Ring through Numerical Simulation
Papineni Satheesh, N. S. Mahesh, Bikas Musib
2 Weight Reduction of Planetary Gearbox Pedestal Using Finite Element Analysis
P. Prabhakar, M Parameshwaran, S. Anil Kumar
3 Development of Direct Material Inventory Optimisation Model for a Bus Manufacturing Industry
Tricia Quincy Lobo, K. M. Sharath Kumar, K. Ravikumar
4 Design and implementation of lean line concept in PE-pump assembly line
Chandrashekar, Prasanna Chander
5 Improvement of Material Feeding System for an Excavator Assembly Line through Lean Principles
Raghavendra Ramappa, K. M. Sharath Kumar, Ashoka K. Nairy
6 Redesign of Rear End of a Car to Minimise Whiplash Injury
V. R. Kiran, Vinod K. Banthia, M. L. J. Suman
7 Regenerative shock absorber for hybrid cars
C. M. Pramodh, S. R. Shankapal
8 Design of an Automotive Headlamp Considering Style and Performance
Tom K. Philip, M. Sivapragasam, Vignesh Ravichandran
9 Design, Implementation and Optimisation of 4x4 MIMO-OFDM Transmitter for communication systems
M. Chethan Kumar, Sanket Dessai
10 Design, Implementation and Optimisation of 4x4 MIMO-OFDM Receiver for communication systems
S. T. Manju, Sanket Dessai
11 Design and Development of a Validation Framework for ECG Device Stabilisation
S. Sreenath, K. R. Narasimha Murthy, N. Chandan
12 Hydrological Evaluation of Agricultural Watershed in Uttar Pradesh
Shashank Singh
13 Design of a Water Storage and Purification System for Rural India
K. B. Vinay, Srinivasa, B. U. Balappa
14 Design and Development of A Low Cost Air Cooler
V. S. Shammy, Srinivasa, H. S. Lohit
15 Design of a Food Trolley for Hospitals in India
N. P. Anuraj, Srinivasa, Vignesh Ravichandran

ISSN: 2249-5924