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Vol 15, Issue 1, January 2016

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1 Numerical Modeling and Simulation of Cycloidal Speed Reducer for Contact Forces in Robotic Joint
ChintanUpadhyay, M. A. Parameswaran, Nithin Venkataram
2 Effect of Bonding Technique on Debonding of Complex Composite Skin/Stringer Configuration
Vandana Chaturvedi, S. Srikari, M. L. J. Suman
3 Conceptual Design of an Intra-City Microcar for 2030
Tijo George, V. R. Kiran, S. Subbaramu
4 Implementation of Unsigned Multiplier using Efficient Carry-Select Adder for DSP Applications
S. Manikandan, Abdul Imran Rasheed
5 Analysis of SDLC Models for Embedded Systems
Sanket Dessai, K. Indu, V. S. Yerragudi, K. R. Narasimha Murthy, Mahita Patel, P. Padmapriya Dharishini, Suchit Kumar, N. D. Gangadhar
6 Design and Development of an Automated Pottery Wheel for MSME
Shivanand S. Patil, Chennagiri Gopinath, S. Suresha
7 Design and Development of a Low Cost Mobile Spray Pump for Indian Middle Class Farmers
P. Bhumannavar, Srinivasa H. S. Lohit
8 Design and Development of an Automatic Dosa Maker for Indian Households
K. S. Shaji, H. S. Lohit, Chiranjith Barui
9 8 MeV Electron Irradiation Effects on Electrical Characteristics of CdTe/CdS and CIGS Thin Film Solar Cells - A Comparative Study
Asha Rao, Sheeja Krishnan, Ganesh Sanjeev
10 Studies on Starch Isolated from Atrocarpus Communis as a Pharmaceutical Excipient
Poornima KN, Deveswaran R, Bharath S, Basavaraj B. V.
11 Extended Release Gastro Retentive Mucoadhesive Bilayer Tablet of an Anti-Ulcer Drug
Randip Chaudhary, Basavaraj B. V., Bharath S, Deveswaran R.

Vol 15, Issue 2, September 2016

Sl. No. Contents
1 Performance Enhancement of a High Turning Axial Compressor Stator Blade Cascade Through End Wall Boundary Layer Suction
Naresh P.,Nagpurwala Q.H. and Mahesh K. Varpe
2 Decision Support Framework for Effective Disposal of Municipal Wastes for Indian Cities
Sandeep N. and Vijaya Kumar S.
3 Numerical and Experimental Investigations on the Flow Field Behind a Complex Distortion Screen
Sivapragasam M. and Ramamurthy S.
4 Discriminative Object Tracking Using Two-stage Classification
Kaushik C. M., Lasitha Mekkayil and Hariharan Ramasangu
5 Design of Rectenna for Energy Harvesting From Ambient GSM and WLAN Frequency Bands
Vinay B. E., Pallaviram Sure and Rohini Deshpande
6 Improved Connected Component Algorithm Using Run-based Approach
Divya Kiran and Hariharan Ramasangu
7 Design and Development of a Low Cost Mobile Spray Pump for Indian Middle Class Farmers
Gururaj P. Bhumannavar, Srinivasa and Lohit H. S.
8 Impacts of Aluminium Chloride in Locomotion and Motor Coordination and the Protective Effects of Hippophae Salicifolia
Sathiya R., Abarna Devika A., Anita Murali and Anbu J.
9 Evaluation of Hepatoprotective Effect of Cryptocoryne Spiralis against Thioacetamide Induced Acute Liver Failure
Namrata Singhal, Anita Murali and Anjaneyulu Muragundla
10 Hepatoprotective Activity of Methanolic Extract of Rhyncosia Beddomei Baker Against Ethanol Induced Hepatotoxicity
Ashoka Babu V.L., Mohammad Azamthulla and Madhavan V.

ISSN: 2249-5924