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Vol 16, Issue 1, January 2017

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1 UWB Spiral Antenna with Balun for EM Energy Harvesting
Kunwar Pal Singh and Rohini Despande
2 A Novel 8T SRAM Cell using 16 nm FinFET Technology
Monica M. and Chandramohan P.
3 Design of High Friction Up-Lock System to Prevent Landing Gear Slippage in Aircrafts
Raghavendra Reddy B. G. S., Mallesu Reddy and Arun R. Rao
4 Automatic Generation Control of Multi Area Power System Using Fuzzy Logic and ANN Controller
Manickavasagam Krishnan
5 The Effect of Cold Expansion on Fatigue Life of Closely Spaced Adjacent Fastener Holes
Anil Kumar S. and Mahendra Babu N.C.
6 Numerical Prediction of NOx Emissions from a Partially Premixed Type Burner of a Gas Fired Air Heating System
Navneet Jaggu, Sriram A.T., Ganapati Adin and Ravi S.D.
7 Design of Automotive Waste Heat Recovery System for Battery Charging Application
Sanjana Ramesh Tiwari, Praveen Kumar V. and Pranupa S.
8 Design and Development of USB Based Hardware Accelerator for Embedded Systems
Sandeep G. and Sanket Dessai
9 Design of an Ergonomic Dental Lab Workstation for Preclinical Activity
Ashwin Oommen., Gopinath C., Vaishali K. and Vidyanand Desai
10 Design and Development of Bread Making Machine for Indian Homes
Prashantha N. R., Lohit H. S., and Reemi Thakuria
11 Design and Development of Manual Mixer
Usharanjini M., Reemi Thakuria and Lohit H. S.
12 Design of Mobile Cart for Food Streets in Bangalore
Dilip V., Monish Gowda M.H. and Kiran V.R.
13 Cutaneous Adverse Drug Reactions in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital - A Prospective Study
Amala Lukose, Mamatha K., Shyam Prasad A.L. and Sandra Magdalene
14 A Study on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) in Diabetic Patients Attending Endocrinology OPD at a Tertiary Care Hospital
Navaneeth V. M., Nazish Fathima, Mamatha K. and Suryanarayana V. S. M.
15 Assessment and Projection of Water Demand in Changing Scenarios for India
Prashant Goswami, Shivnarayan Nishad and Sushravya H.M.
16 Introduction and Editorial

Vol 16, Issue 2, August 2017

Sl. No. Contents
Introduction and Editorial
1 Mathematics, Statistics, and the Concept of Average
Ananthasayanam M.R.
2 A CFD Analysis on Effect of Mass Flow Rate, Temperature, Air Velocity on Producer Gas Composition in Fluidised Bed Gasifier
Dayananda B.S. and Srinivasa Gowda
3 Cause Effect Path Based Coverage Criteria for Testing Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
Murthy P.V.R.
4 Comparison of Firefly, Cultural and the Artificial Bee Colony Algorithms for Optimization
Vaishali R. Kulkarni, Veena Desai and Raghavendra V. Kulkarni
5 Design and Analysis of Electromagnetic Propulsion System
Dhaval Prakash, Panda K.C., Soumendu Jana
6 Design and Implementation of Spur Reduction Technique for Carrier NCO in GPS Receiver
Harish A. H., Abdul Imran Rasheed and Naveen Gowdayyanadoddi S.
7 MIMO Chaos Communication System
Anusha E. and Sanket Dessai
8 Multi-Fuel Blend Ratio Estimation for Improvement in Performance and Reduction of Emissions in CI Engines - Part A
Rakesh S., Raja R. and Ananthesha
9 Multi-Fuel Blend Ratio Estimation for Improvement in Performance and Reduction of Emissions in CI Engines- Part B
Rakesh S., Raja R. and Ananthesha
10 Reliable Automotive Crash Detection using Multi Sensor Decision Fusion
Supriya M.S.,Gangadhar N.D. and Manjunath A.G.
11 Blast Loading and Blast Effects on Nuclear Reactor Containment
Shweta Kundanahalli, Rajashekhar Swamy H. M. and Abhishek Pulgur
12 Design of Linear Ultrasonic Motor (LUM) using Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Syed Saqlaine G. and Veerabhadra
13 Design of a Futuristic Dashboard for Indian Hatchback
Janardhan S. and Lohit H. S.
14 Blonanserin Induced Rhabdomyolysis: A Disproportionality Analysis in USFDA Adverse Event Reporting System Database
Thomas Beulah, Viswam Subeesh, Eswaran Maheswari1, Ann Mary Swaroop and Hemendra Singh
15 Impact of Aluminium Chloride on Certain Major Metabolic Parameters
Abarna Devika A.,Sathiya R. and Anita Murali
16 Mechanistic Understanding of Aroma Release in Black Tea
Haripriya , Niranjana Prabhu T., Shreya Mukharjee and Seetha Ramaswamy

ISSN: 2249-5924