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Vol 17, Issue-1, January 2018

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1 BaSO4 and Fe2O3 Filled Polydimethylsiloxane Elastomer Nanocomposite as X-ray Radiation Resistant Material
Pranjal Kumar, Niranjana Prabhu T. and Jineesh A. G.
2 Client-Server Based Control for Distributed Generator
Vineetha P. Raj, Manickavasagam K. and Naveen Kumar T.
3 BCD Approach Based High Performance Floating Point Multiplier for DSP Applications
Pagadala Gowri Lahari and Divya Kiran
4 Modeling and Simulation Studies on Aeroelasticity of an Airfoil with Simulink
Karthik M., Sriram A.T. and Narahari H.K.
5 Design and Development of Cloud Based Face Recognition using Parallised PCA
Bhatt K.N., Sanket Dessai and Yerragudi V.S.
6 Exact Solution of Boundary Layer Flow Due to a Quadratically Shrinking Sheet
Mahesha Narayana and Meenakshi Nerolu
7 FPGA Implementation of Efficient Convolution Architecture for CNN
Nandana N., Divya Kiran and Hariharan Ramasangu
8 Prediction of Submerged Arc Welding Process Parameters in Low Carbon Steel Joints Through Grey Relation Analysis
Suresh R. and Srikantha Dath T.N.
9 Flexural Behaviour of Innovative Cold Formed Steel Sections
Druva Kumar M. S. and Valsa Ipe T.
10 Improvement on Performance of a Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck Engine by Utilizing Waste Heat Energy with Organic Rankine Cycle
Nithin K. Narayanan, Sriram A.T. and Raja R.
11 Design and Development of Urban Air Cooler
Shashank U. K., Vignesh Ravichandran and Suresha S.
12 Numerical Investigation of Cross Car Beam using Magnesium Alloy for Weight Reduction
Sooraj Satheesh, Srikari S. and Shivakumar H.G.
13 Introduction and Editorial

Vol 17, Issue 2, August 2018

Sl. No. Contents
Introduction and Editorial
1 Phytochemical Screening of Basal Plate of Allium Cepa L. as Low Cost Adsorbent for Waste Water Treatment
Pooja Gour, Sheetal and Jyotsna Kumar
2 Design and Development of an Automatic Watchstrap Packaging Machine
Sadath A. G. , Shama R. , Balappa B. U. and Nagananda S. N.
3 Design and Development of Room Air Purifier for Indian Middle Class Homes
Ganesh Prasad D. Kannan, Lohit H. S. and Srinivasa
4 Enzyme Production using Agro - Industrial Wastes and Their Application in Clinical Sectors
Starlet Priya F. and Renu A.
5 Street Lamp Control through an Infrared Sensor
Sanjeev Nayak K. , Veerabhadra and Bharath Kumara
6 Influence of Physical Parameters of Silicon Solar Cells on the Quantum Efficiency and I-V Characteristics
Vishal Krishnan G. and Vikas Shelar M.
7 Effect of Aluminium Foam Density on the Energy Absorption Characteristics of S-rail structure
Rohan Yashawant Melge, Srikari S. and Kiran V. R.
8 Video Processing Algorithms for Identifying Contexts
Sai Deepthi Indurthi and Deepak Varadam
9 Time Series Forecasting using Artificial Neural Networks
Rajasekhar Nannapaneni and Raghavendra Kulkarni V.

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