Editor in Chief: Prof. Govind R. Kadambi, PVC-Research

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Vol 18, Issue-1, January 2019

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1 Waste to Energy using Biomass Gasification
Ananth S. Iyengar, Sooraj Mohan, Arulanantham M.
2 Design and Development of a Futuristic Car Seat for Cadillac
Deepa Arunkumar, Pratheek Achar, Lohit H. S.
3 Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Fuel Magnetization for Improvement of Diesel Engine’s Efficiency
Y. C. Kartik, R. Raja, S. K. Mithun
4 Location Estimation of Sensor Nodes using Harmony Search Algorithm
Vaishali R. Kulkarni1, Veena Desai
5 Particle Swarm Optimization for Solving Polynomial Equations
Anuj Kumar, Puneet Mehta, Raghavendra V. Kulkarni
6 Impact of Prefabrication Technology on Profitability in Construction Industry
Chetan Kumar B., Akshayakumar V. H., Harshad R. Parate
7 Existence and Uniqueness of Solution to the Direct Electromagnetic Scattering Problem with Leontovich Boundary Condition
Deepak A. S.
8 Hand Gestured Controlled Combat Vehicle
Kalavathi, Sushma, Chaithra, Anusha Naidu, Sudha
9 Design and Development of Low Cost IR based Home Automation System
Mamatha H., Ranjitha T., Vinutha R., Prajwal K. T., Naveen Kumar T.
10 Experimental Investigation of Working and Emission of B20 Fish Biodiesel And Waste Plastic Oil Blend as a Fuel for a Diesel Engine
D. K. Ramesha, Manjunatha, K L Siddegowda
11 Introduction and Editorial

Vol 18, Issue 2, August 2019

Sl. No. Contents
Introduction and Editorial
1 Automated Detection of Leaf Diseases in Plants
Diwakar Mudgal, Priyam Mahawar, Arnab Biswas, Vaishali R. Kulkarni
2 Estimation of Surface Pressures over Wing using Surrogate Model
Kedar Thaker, Sriram A. T. and Narahari H. K.
3 Design of a Shopping and Marketing Vehicle for Ecommerce Businesses
Amith H. R., Vignesh Ravichandran, Chiranjith Barui
4 Design of Futuristic Indian Public Transport for the Year 2030
Rohit R. Nath, Vidyanand S. Desai, Lohit H. S.

ISSN: 2249-5924