Editor in Chief: Prof. Govind R. Kadambi, PVC-Research

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Vol 20, Issue-1, January 2021

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Introduction and Editorial
1 A Review Paper on Assessment of Conflict Areas Using VISSIM and Surrogate Safety Assessment 01 Model (SSAM)
Seema Bheemanaik, Harshad R. Parate, N. S. Chandanshree and Nikhil T. R
2 A Survey on Existing Trends in Integration of Block chain Technology into Internet of Things
Harshit Agrawal, Sahana P Shankar, Aditi Pal, Akash Sikarwar
3 Development of a Photonic Non-Invasive Diabetic Detection System using Skin Temperature
Santhosh V, Dr. Ugra Mohan Roy

ISSN: 2249-5924